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This is a clear and concise summary (200 to 300 words) of a journal article, book, or another primary academic source that will be used in your thesis paper. Each submission must also include a brief critique of the source (e.g., how could the study be improved, criticism of the author(s) assertions, ideas for future studies, etc.). Students will summarize and briefly critique eight to ten references they plan to use for their thesis papers. The format will include each reference in APA style followed by a 150-250-word summary of each article, including the student’s specific concerns/accolades about methodology or conclusions. The summary will also include a brief statement of relevance to the thesis." only have to cover one source, but have to do it in depth and in format. Secondly, I need: An argumentative Thesis Statement in a separate document for my upcoming thesis paper on one of the major psychological theories or perspectives. I have attached the first bibliography that I have done ( My professor didn't like this one, and gave me the feedback of "This isn't exactly what I am looking for in an annotated bibliography. You might want to look at the requirements again, you only have to cover one source, but you do have to do it in depth and in format. Also, even though it says you can use books and other sources, look at the thesis paper assignment requirements. You want to be able to use what you've covered here in your final assignment.) I have provided all information above.

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