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This is a History Of Ideas essay, Below attach files carefully, Questions two is the essay question which is important, you have to use at last 15 references, and use the reference form that I have uploaded. You could only use the resource which on the recommended list if you need any books just tell me.You also need to use both Primary and Secondary resources.Plz, pay more attention to it.Our teacher told us that this easy question does not ask for the scientific revolution. It is about the science and Hermeticism.So scientific revolution is not a real revolution. Plz also put your thesis statement into the intro. Principe, LM 2011, The Scientific Revolution: a very short introduction, Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York. Recommended pages: 27-35, 47-55, 80-6, 90-2, 133-35. This book is really helpful for the essay.

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