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This is a Masters level paper dealing with the strategy and leadership in HR related matters. If you have a lousy English language, this paper is not for you. If you do a great job I'll be VERY generous with tips, and if you do a bad job or if the work is plagiarized, I will not pay you. APA style is a must, paper of 5 pages. Below is a case that combines strategy and leadership. How is learning and development an important factor in reviving strategies? Focus on the specific areas, in this case, to shed light on the importance of learning and development and how they contribute to the strategy that leads to the success of the company. Case: Company Issa went through a lot of change, was very small became very large: 50,000 employees in 50 countries in 10 years. Since the change, company leaders were operating solo rather than cooperating with each other. A new CEO came in 2010. With the new CEO they decided to reform in the areas of global integration, leadership and talent management issues. The company sought to help leaders create that unifying commitment from employees via a consistent vision, purpose, and values. Those three things in addition to brand promise and competencies combine to describe the company culture — how employees behave, the kinds of decisions they make, what it’s like to work at this company. The president of talent and organization development, Carrie Hogan was to develop a leadership different from siloed. Soon the CEO introduced three strategic priorities: growth through innovation, emerging markets and services; operational excellence; and progressive, diverse and inclusive culture. To assist, Hogan asked Scott Huhta, the company’s director of executive and leadership development. As the new CEO attempted to convey his leadership expectations, he discovered his direct reports used different terminology and operated on a different wavelength. Huhta and Hogan set out to introduce some common language. The company developed five pillars of success: Model our values, inspire our people, focus on customers, create long-term value and deliver premier performance and they were rolled out to the employees companywide. Huhta and Hogan established a distinct difference in their competency model for Issa than was used in past models. In the new model, Issa established two sets of global competencies: one set of six expectations for leaders and one set of seven for all employees. Each competency corresponds to one of the five pillars. The competencies drive and align behaviors to create a high-performance culture. The company also has begun implementing a new level of accountability based on the competencies. The new expectations have been integrated into all HR processes, including learning and development materials and hiring guidelines. An updated 360 review is also driven by the new model. Issa’s strategy included communicating to leaders and employees — through assessment, leadership development, promotion and succession planning — that success at the company meant embracing the new model of leadership and competency. Further, leaders are not only assessed on how they put the six leadership competencies into practice, but also they are assessed on how their direct reports implement the seven competencies expected of all employees. Also employees were given surveys to score managers. The company invested heavily in fulfilling Future Workforce Needs by investing in science, research, and education. Consistent with last year’s survey, blended content, e-learning content and leadership and executive development are significant content areas where CLOs will invest. Spending on certification Technology has been a major source of efficiency gains in learning and development.

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