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This is a six page essay addressing the media aspects of marketing for a "generic soda" product. Part 1: Media Objectives (24 marks) Decide on the media objectives for your IMC plan. Ensure that the objectives for your IMC plan specify the degree of target audience coverage, the amount of reach, and the amount of frequency. (15 points) Justify your decision for choosing each of the media objectives. (9 points) Part 2: Media Strategy (24 marks) For each media objective, determine three media classes (except for personal selling) to achieve the objective, and to communicate the brand message statement and positioning statement of your IMC Plan. (9 points) Provide a rationale for why you chose each of the three media classes to achieve each of your media objectives. Explain how your rationale for choosing these media classes will help to achieve your media objectives, and communicate your brand message statement and positioning statement. (9 points) Part 3: Media Scheduling (27 marks) Prepare a media schedule for your IMC campaign.You may formulate your answers in a table and provide a graphical interpretation in a blocking chart or a Gantt chart. Decide on the type of scheduling you will use for the entire campaign and for each of the media classes you selected. Explain why you chose these particular schedules for the whole campaign and for each of the media classes. (12 points) Specify the media tactics execution plan that you will use for the entire campaign and for each media class, and relate this plan to the media schedule you have chosen for your brand. (15 points) Part 4: Budget (20 marks) Determine the absolute costs for the IMC campaign and then prepare a budget. (5 points) What budgeting approach and technique will you employ for the campaign, and why did you choose this approach and technique? (10 points) Identify what proportion of the budget you will devote to each of the media classes and why. (5 points)

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