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This is CPSC 210, which is Software Construction: Task P1 Check out the project InvoiceManager from the lab5 folder of your labs repository. Task P2 In this lab we will work with a system for tracking invoices at a company that offers in-home services (such as plumbing, electrical, etc.) When you start the app, it is populated with sample data. Try selecting different customers and note that the invoices for the selected customer are displayed in the right-hand panel. Try selecting an invoice and make a payment. Note that an invoice is displayed in red until it has been paid in full. Similarly, a customer is displayed in red until all their invoices have been paid in full.Try adding a new service record for a customer. Note that the system has three different kinds of services: regular, after-hours and emergency. Different call-out and hourly service fees are charged for each of these services. Customers earn points for each service record – points are earned at different levels depending on the kind of service requested.Finally, try adding a new customer and add some service records for that customer. (Note that any new data added to the system will not be preserved if you close the application and re-start it.)

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