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This is for an upcoming final i will be having (it's a course on War and Revolution in Europe, 1789-1918, in essence: survey of revolutionary movements, international crises, and wars in Europe from the French Revolution to World War I.) Anyway, my request is the essays be logically organized, have a clear thesis statement, and draw on historical evidence. So basically an intro, a body (a few paragraphs) and a conclusion. These don't have to be super long, just enough to get the point across and to prove the point using evidence etc Was it possible for World War I to be a limited, rather than a total conflict? In your answer consider not only war and diplomacy in 1914-18 but the development of the concept and practice of total war since 1789. By 1914 (i.e., just before the outbreak of World War I), had European life been fundamentally changed by the combination of the French and Industrial Revolutions? Or did the similarities and continuities with life before 1789 fundamentally outweigh the differences? Please make an argument. Make an argument about the effects of nation-building – both in the Andersonian sense of “imagining” a national community and in the Weberian sense of modernization and integration – on European history during the long 19th century.

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