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This is primarily a product survey of a small system that would have the specifications to meet the requirements of an a financial investment or architectural firm You will use the theoretical studies of computer hardware and software and apply them to a study of real-world IT products. Using descriptions of computer hardware and software components from course lessons and the textbook, you are to write a 700 to 1000 word (no more than 1.5 line spacing and no more than 12 point type) summary of the hardware and software products that would be required for a small system for either a financial investment or architectural firm (your choice). You have a budget of $6,000. Be sure to include any specialized software in addition to the OS, and address connectivity, storage, and hardware component required. You will discuss why you have chosen each component; list what the manufacturer indicates as benefits of the products; list how much the products cost – include a summary table with the total system cost; compare the major hardware and software selections to at least two other manufacturers' products Note: software for the investment firm should not be an accounting tool – you are helping clients decide how to invest their money; include security for the system; and include references for your costs to document how you stayed within your budget. You are encouraged to use the Web to research and select the component products and contact the vendor directly with any questions.

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