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This is the last part of a 4 part assignment. I need the following assignment completed as an addition/continuation of the attached document titled "Jackie Hynes – Unit 3 – System Development". I have attached the instructions for each part of the 4 unit assignment – but this question applies only to Unit 4. I have also attached the feedback from Unit 1, 2, and 3 assignments. Please review the feedback for each of the previous assignments and be sure to incorporate the feedback / make the noted changes. The assignment needs to flow as one document /project. Please review the document and apply Unit 4 as a continuation of the work already done. You will need to support your writing with at least 3 sources written/published in the united states of America within the past 5 years (you may use current/already used sources – if the application to your writing) APA format is to be used with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Please consult the grading assignment rubric for further writing requirements/grading guidelines. Assignment – Part 4 of 4: Unit 4 Systems Development Assignment Continuing from the Unit 3 assignment, the objectives for this assignment are as follows: Based on feedback from your instructor and the knowledge that you have gained, update your detailed project plan from Unit 3 with corrections and/or added details. Using available user documentation on the Web or through another source, detail the steps that will be required to set up the selected application, explaining the rationale for each step. Detail the steps that should be taken to test the application before it is implemented. Explain the rationale for each step. Detail and explain the user training that is necessary as part of the implementation process. Identify and describe how the application and its data should be maintained and be kept secure after implementation, including a business continuity plan. Based on the assessment in steps 2 and 4 above, what recommendations might be given to the vendor regarding the documentation and training available? What knowledge gained from this project has had the most impact regarding the systems development process? Why? How will this knowledge be employed going forward?

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