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This paper needs to be corrected & updated based on the teacher notes on the paper. The paper also needs more information on the subject below and it should follow the rubric. I will pay a price today but if i receive a grade higher than a b i will pay extra and i don't mean a little either. ISSUES PAPERS Select one of the following issues. Write 10-12 double-spaced pages (not including the title page or references) on your chosen issue. Use information from the textbook, extra handouts distributed in class, and information tracked down from other sources. Cite a minimum of five information sources (may include textbook and credible, government or organizational web sites, and peer-reviewed articles). The paper should show insight in discussing issues, not just a verbatim repeat of data from the text. All papers should be typewritten or word processed (i.e., no handwritten papers accepted), and checked for spelling and grammar. The due date for the paper is given on the syllabus. No more than 15% of the words should be direct quotes. Your state is attempting to integrate services for people needing long-term care. Using an organization chart or list, identify all the departments and programs run by the state that potentially are related to long-term care and thus should be involved in the integration effort. Describe how this initiative should be orchestrated (i.e., the process for coordinating this change). Outline services and financing programs that should be involved; participation may be phased in over time. Explain how the integration should be implemented at the local client level and how staff and offices will be prepared to accomplish integration. Grading Rubric: Issues Paper (Week 5) A. Paper Style/Formatting/Submitted on time Paper is at least 10-12 pages long (text) not including title page and reference page. APA format, 5 research articles minimum as references. No spelling, grammar, punctuation errors. Submitted on time

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