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Requesting assistance with a research paper. This project consists of three parts. The attached document has instructions for all three parts of this project. Please review. Part one of this project requires a short paper 3 pages in length that identifies and describes an organization you will use for your research project. Be sure to include and address the following: The mission and strategy of the organization. The products or services of the organization. The organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses. The external environment in which the organization operates (opportunities and threats). Performance management policies and practices. Part Two of this project is another short paper 3 pages in length that provides an overview of the organization’s existing performance management system. Be sure to include and address the following: An overview of the key features of the organization’s performance management system. A description of how the various processes interrelate. An annotated bibliography with at least five credible resources. Use the following resources to develop your annotated bibliography: Annotated Bibliography: What is it? How do you create one? [PDF File Size 106.16KB] Annotated Bibliographies The final Part is the research paper consisting of 10 to 12 pages of research that analyzes what you have learned about how particular HR concepts are involved in effective performance management systems. Your goal is to design a performance management system for your selected organization. Be sure to include and address the following: A brief summary of Parts One and Two of your research project, which were completed in previous modules. A detailed discussion of your selected organization’s current performance management system, including its strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations for improving the organization’s performance management system by: Enhancing employee engagement and retention. Aligning the performance management system to organizational goals. At least eight credible resources (not including course materials).

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