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This question is for my Quantitative Analysis for Management course. I I need help figuring out cash purchase homes versus financed homes. Which is more beneficial to purchase within a given time. for example it takes 1 month to "move in ready" for Financed house (H1) and it take 5 Months to "move in ready" for Rehab home (H2). I will need a time and cost analysis formule with graph. Home 1 = 1 month to move in ready Profit after expenses $18,400.00 or 1672.73 per month first year Profit after expenses $20,400.00 or $1700 per month Home 2 = 5 months to move in ready Profit after expenses = $10,325.00 or $860.42 per month Following year profit $19,200.00 or $1600.00 per month

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