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This week our focus will be on financial statement analysis and cash flows. Select a publicly-traded company that is of interest to you (which can include the company that you work for). Go to and look up your selected company. Once you have found your company, look down the list on the left side of the page and click on “Key Statistics”. Now you will see some of the key ratios for your company. Find the Profitability Ratio called Operating Margin (basically a variation of the Net Margin that is described in the chapter). Now click on “Competitors” Here again you will find the Operating Margin of your company along with the results of other companies in its industry as well as the overall industry itself. Question Using the financial statements from last week's discussion on Nintendo, please review the cash flow. As our discussion, this week, post to the group the cash from operations, cash from investment, and cash from financing. Use the management discussion and analysis, as well as notes to the financial statements, to add context to your discussion.

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