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This week's forum is designed to facilitate discussion and understanding about the intelligence failures the United States has experienced in the past 20 or so years. Most of these failures were caused by one of the many foreign intelligence agencies we have been discussing. Or have they? Perhaps they were just caused by inept Intelligence analysis or just plain bad luck… You decide. Pick one of the many failures and discuss why/what you think were the causes of this failure. Believe me, there have been many so enjoy the project. Perhaps by discussing this, you may be able to think of alternatives on how they could have been avoided. This will likely give you an alternative way of considering foreign intelligence directorates. Have they been more successful than the United States? Or they also experiencing many of the same failures that we have experienced. Again, choose an intelligence failure the United States has to experience in the past 20 or so years, and tell us why you feel it was a failure… What about Iraq, AFG, Benghazi, missed terrorists, Curveball, etc…you have plenty to choose from… Remeber, keep it at least 250 words, at least five different sources from your own research BE CREATIVE

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