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Thomas Jefferson What were some of the ideas expounded in Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural address? What did he mean when he said "We are all Republicans. We are all Federalists"? On the Web, using your favorite search engine, find out about the following and answer the questions. John Marshall Give a short biography of John Marshall. What role did John Marshall play in interpreting the Constitution of the U.S.? What were some of his landmark court cases? What did each case accomplish? Lewis and Clark Follow this link (Links to an external site.) and write an overview of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Davy Crockett on Electioneering Read this excerpt from a newspaper article supposedly written by Davy Crockett then answer the following question as a complete essay. What were some of the ideas expounded in Davy Crockett's satire of American politics? Compare and contrast electioneering in the 19th Century with today. Has campaigning changed all that much since the 1800s?

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