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Throughout history, humankind has fought a constant battle against the land in search of fossil fuels. During this fight, we have been reliant on nonrenewable energy sources such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas (Thies, 2012 pg.313). The continued search for these fossil fuels has done irreversible damage to the land we rely on so much. (Leopold, 1966 pg.229) says that the answer to sustainability is the responsibility of the private landowner. Most landowners receive their energy from the power company much like everyone else. However, by applying the teachings the land ethic and going against the most economical decision, the landowner can install ways to harvest renewable energy. “Solar energy has minimal impact on the environment, depending on where it is placed” (Thies, 2012 pg.328). If each landowner were to place solar panels on top of his house for fulfilling their own energy needs, there would be no negative impact on the land.

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