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TITLE: QUALITY PIONEERS Answer the following questions: Who are the three best-known quality pioneers? Describe and then compare their individual contributions to quality. Look through the ITT Tech Virtual Library and identify a major company that adopted one or more of the pioneers’ strategies. Suggest how that company stands today in relation to that strategy. Assessment Preparation Checklist: Reading Chapter 1, pp. 10–14 from your textbook will help you know the contributions of the quality pioneers. Searching over the Internet for companies that have implemented the principles devised by quality pioneers and how they did so will help you write the report. Submission Requirements: Submit your report, in a minimum of 500 words, in an MS Word document, using APA style. Evaluation Criteria: Criteria Points Assigned Points Earned Did you list three quality pioneers and describe their contributions? 30% Did you identify a company that has implemented the strategies devised by a quality pioneer? 30% Did you analyze the benefits, if any, of the strategies implemented by the company? 20% Did you submit an APA-formatted paper? 10% Project Quality Management: Week 4 STUDY GUIDE — 22 — Criteria Points Assigned Points Earned Did you use correct grammar and spelling? 10%

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