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To prepare for this Assignment: Review the HTC Cooperation decrease in profit Review the Learning Resources attached below about PESTLE and other external environmental analysis tools and methods; use these as a basis to identify one to two additional scholarly sources on external environmental analysis. Select one external analysis tool or method other than PESTLE to use in this assignment. Question: Organisation selected: Htc Cooperation. PESTLE Analysis: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. Apply a PESTLE analysis to the organization you selected. Apply the second external environmental analysis tool or method you selected to the organization. Compare the results of each analysis and critically evaluate the strengths and limitations of each analytical method. Justify your answer; provide support for your arguments with citations from the literature. Explain whether PESTLE and other external analysis tools are useful in understanding the organizational issue you identified in (Decrease in Profit in HTC Cooperation you wrote earlier), and if so, how. Provide two to four questions you might need to ask key stakeholders in the organization in order to obtain additional information that would help in refining your analysis.

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