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To what degree would you say the advent of technology has influenced your personality development. Those of you who are 35 or older did not grow up with the kind of technological advances that are now so common place. For example, I grew up writing elementary school essays with pen and paper, then on a typewriter. In high school I used a computer infrequently. In college, I used a computer much more often but boy, was it a BASIC one! Not having a computer that would check my spelling and allow extensive rewrites on things, forced me to do a lot of prepatory work in advance of writing the paper — like I had to organize it first with an outline and if I wanted to insert a new paragraph, I would have to retype the whole thing. (Anyone with me on this?!) 

So I think, my personality may have been both developed and challenged by the need for me to be painstakingly careful with organization lest I have to redo my work over and over.

Class, what are your thoughts? Even if you are young and grew up at a time when you had much technological support, do you feel it made an impact on your personality development? Remember, I’m talking personality — not behavior. 🙂 

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