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a descriptive paragraph of my favorite place, but I have a hard time in organizing my thoughts. Can you please help? DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH PLANNING GUIDELINES Topic: Choose 1 of the available topics to physically describe: a person, a place, or an object about which you have strong feelings. Your paragraph must be at least 200 words. Overall impression/point: This should be your descriptive overall impression of your topic. What specific impression do you want your audience to have of this person, place, or object? Include at least 1 very specific descriptive word. Audience: Be specific in selecting your audience. Who would be interested in hearing this description? Who might benefit by hearing about this subject? Purpose: To inform? To entertain? To persuade? Choose one or perhaps a combination of two. Topic Sentence: Combine your topic and your overall impression into a complete sentence. Remember, you are physically describing your topic. Your Vantage Point: Where are you physically in relation to what you are describing? Are you fixed in one place, or are you moving? Spatial Order: Pick the order in which you will present your details: near to far, left to right, head to toe, outside to in? Brainstorm Sensory Details: Brainstorm a list of details that are specific and appeal to as many of the five senses as possible: sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells related to your topic and your overall impression. If you cannot reasonably include all of the senses, that’s fine. Plan: Arrange your sensory details in an order according to your chosen spatial order, just as shown in your textbook.

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