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Topic: How does your company plan on handling the accounts for bad debt? Research all identified issues Develop a 1 – 2 page, double-spaced paper for each issue hat does the following: States the identified accounting issue Identifies the accounting rule(s) that pertain to the issue Explains in your own words the accounting rule(s) and treatment of the issue Organize your paper using the following Professional Practice Model: FACTS. Obtain the relevant facts. STAKEHOLDERS. Identify and list the stakeholders (Internal and External). ISSUES – ETHICAL. Identify and verbalize the ethical issues. PRINCIPLES – ETHICAL. Identify and list the ethical principles involved. ANALYSIS – BRAINSTORM ALTERNATIVES & CONSEQUENCES. CONCLUSION – Choose the Best Action Make sure to use only above website and username and password as reference and it should not be plagiarized. Web site: Username – AAA52190 Password – Fq88UxF

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