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Topic/ Thesis Statement – "The positive aspects of casinos and legalized gambling far outweigh the harmful side effects that occur". Four paragraphs (150 to 200 words each) 600 to 800 words total Follow the directions below for the completion of the body paragraphs needed for the completion of the research paper. If you have questions, please message me and I will try to respond promptly. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to continue drafting the academic argumentative research paper. Read and review the attached documents title, "Research proposal" and "Literature review plus intro" This will give you more detail on the topic and ideas of the research paper, use these ideas in the body paragraphs. This is original material written by me, it is acceptable to use some of this writing in your body paragraphs. Using the information provided in the "Literature review", construct four body paragraphs in reference to the main ideas of the topic. (Refer to the attached "Example layout" to help guide you on the layout of each body paragraph for this assignment. Your solution should be in the layout of the attached example). Description: In this assignment, you will write four body paragraphs according to the form that is explained below. Again to understand the topic of this paper and the ideas that should be included in these body paragraphs refer to the attached documents below The following requirements must be included in the assignment: Body Paragraphs: You will construct four paragraphs comprised of five to seven sentences each, make sure to include citations to prove research. Each paragraph should be between 150-200 words. At a minimum, this portion of the paper should be around 600-800 words (for the four paragraphs); a body section of this length will meet the minimum requirements of the assignment. The following components must be included in each body paragraph (in the following order). Using a minimum of four different sources, each paragraph must include either an in-text citation or a reference to cited material in order to provide accurate evidence of your findings. (Attached is a bibliography that can help you in finding supporting information). sentence 1: Point/reason sentence: This topic sentence will contain one of your reasons. Sentence 2: Explanation: In this sentence, you provide information that further develops or explains Sentence 1. Sentence 3: Illustration: This sentence introduces evidence that supports the reason that is presented in Sentence 1. (Great spot to add supporting evidence with an in-text citation or a reference to the cited material, remember must cite from four different sources while writing the four body paragraphs). Sentence 4: Explanation of the illustration: Because the evidence does not necessarily stand on its own, you need to provide explanation so that the reader will understand how you interpreted the evidence to come to your reason. Sentences 5-6: Second illustration and explanation (optional): You may choose to include a second piece of evidence "cited material", that is then followed by an explanation. Last Sentence: Transition: In this sentence, you will signal to the reader that you will be moving on to another point in the next paragraph. You do this to ease the movement from one point to another. Put this part of the paragraph in bold or highlight Example: For an example of a body paragraph, (in regards to a different topic) please see the example provided in the attached pdf. Titled "Example of a Body Paragraph." Bonus rewarded (Check the bottom of Example Outline) Write an additional 300 words for an Additional $20 dollar tip for adding conclusion (200 words) and an abstract (brief summary)(150 words, less than 200 words) Check example outline for details. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations, and be cited per APA guidelines. The tutor named Cgoyal is not allowed to answer this question due to late solutions Must not be plagiarized Must be an original response Answer must be in proper English language Cannot be one big paraphrase Must be required length and NOT MUCH LONGER

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