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Triola, M.F. (2013). Elementary statistics using Excel – (5th Edition) There are two Data Set 1's. There is one for male body measurements and one for female body measurements. All you need to do is open the Data Set 1 for males, highlight the entire column titled "PLATE”, copy the data, and paste it in an Excel document. Then do the same for the female data. You may want to do this in two separate Excel worksheets. Next, you will need to create a histogram to compare the male and female platelet data. Guidance from the book: In order to make the histograms, you will first need to make a frequency distribution for each. Excel uses "bins" to determine the class limits. In fact, Excel uses the upper class limit to differentiate one class to the next. Use a class width of 30 and lower class limits starting at 170. Now, highlight your frequency distribution and select "Insert”, "Column”, "2-D Clustered Column” After you click "OK” and get your original graph, click the legend on the right side and press Delete. To remove the space between the bars Right click any bar, select Format Data Series, and change the Gap Width to 0%. Select Border Color to add a border. Make sure you give the histograms appropriate titles, and label the two axes appropriately. You must title your graphs Label the x-axis with the class midpoints. Your x-axis should not be labeled 170-199, 200-229, …even though those are the correct bins. You must calculate each class midpoint. When you make these graphs, present them as if you were handing them to your boss or presenting them to hundreds of people. What I need to see: A frequency distribution A histogram with no spaces between bars. Appropriate labels and a title for your histogram. X-axis labelled with class midpoints. Short answer responses: Use Excel with methods of this chapter to describe, explore, and compare the blood platelet measurements of males and females. Does there appear to be a gender difference in blood platelet counts? When analyzing blood platelet counts of patients, should physicians take the gender of patients into account?

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