TV Campaign Ads 

You can only use the source provided in the attachment below. No outside sources can be used.

Below is the prompt with all the restrictions, requirements, length, and font for the essay.

Prompt:  TV Campaign Ads

As we all know, this nation elected a new president in 2016 and this election will probably be considered one of the most negative election campaigns in our history. It came to the point where you almost hated to turn on the TV, knowing full well all that there was, was attack ad, after attack ad, after attack ad. Of course there has always that “Vote for me because I’m better than the other person” type of ad. However, it seems this election campaign has reached a new low.  No one can deny the power of television and that it can be used as a tool of persuasion, whether the facts be correct or not. Seems only fitting that your last assignment concern television campaign ads since the turmoil still continues. The link is located in the Chapter 29&30 module. What you are to do: View at least 3 ads from the Democrats and Republicans from each of the years, in other words, a total of 30 ads from the years 1952, 1960, 1964, 1968, and 2016. For each year under review – Who were the candidates? What were the issues? How does the candidate portray themselves and their opponent? Are the ads of the years under review as negative as we saw in the recent campaign? Contrast and compare the years under review. Do you feel negative ads accomplish anything? Why might a person be swayed by negative ads, rather than looking beyond the rhetoric for the truth? When writing about the ads please use formal writing style. In other words, I DO NOT want to see cliches, slang expressions, such as “Nixon bashed Kennedy in his ads” The English language contains thousands of words, use effective language. I DO NOT want to see contractions, also write in the third person.

The best way to set up this essay is, first break it into the years under review.  You do not have to write about all 30 ads, it is best to describe them as a collective for each side.  Contrast and compare, and answer the questions concerning negative campaign ads at the end of your essay.

I. Introduction: This should be one paragraph introducing the ideas to be discussed in the essay. Some key elements you should try to include are:

  • A brief background of the topic
  • A definition of the time frame the essay addresses
  • Introduce the topic of the paper

II Body: Here is where you answer the various essay questions. This should be several paragraphs long, using appropriate historical information to back up your answer

  • Defend the position you have taken, describe the topic provided, discuss your examples, compare, contrast, evaluate, whatever the question asks you to do. Make sure you include all parts of a question and answer all questions asked of you.
  • If you are asked to take one side of an issue, make sure it is clear which side you are on and why you feel that way
  • If you are asked to give your point of view, be sure to defend your choice with facts and/or examples
  • If it is a development be sure to keep issues in chronological order and show a progression from one step to the next. If it is not something that is chronological, identify some key factor that will help dictate how to order your examples
  • Do not be vague. The point of the essay is to show me you understand the historical material

III Conclusion: This is the summary and the wrap-up, usually one paragraph. Bring together your ideas into a coherent statement. Add any thoughts of brilliance you may have on the topic – identify why the issue is important, describe how it would influence successive events/ideas, connect when appropriate to current debates.

IV Other important items your essays must contain

  • Double-spaced, maximum 12 font, standard margins
  • No Contractions – It’s. can’t, shouldn’t, etc
  • Avoid the overuse of cliches or slang expressions – there are thousands of words in the English language, learn to expand your vocabulary or use a thesaurus
  • Write in the third person – Do not use I, me, or my
  • Avoid the overuse of the words – Very, Extreme, Huge when describing something. These words accomplish little in helping the reader understand the point you are trying to make or what you are trying to describe
  • One or two sentences is not a proper paragraph
  • In the past, some students have asked the following question when not receiving a grade they like “You mean you grade grammar too?” The answer “Yes” Grammar shares a direct relationship with what you are attempting to explain to me. Poor and awkward grammar results in a poorly written paper.
  • The essay must be at least 5 pages in length.
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