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In this course, students will be encouraged to examine and learn more about various cultures. For this assignment, students will be required to interview at least two (2) individuals from the same culture (but different from your own) to gain perspective on their health care challenges. Please be sure to inform your potential interviewees that this interview is a part of a class assignment and their participation is completely voluntary. The following questions may be used during the interview, but please do not feel limited to these questions (Do not use the names of the interviewees, but simply designate them as Interviewee 1 and Interviewee 2):: 
1. What cultural considerations do you feel health care providers should take with their patients? 
2. If you had to make a list of the top 3 health challenges, what do believe are the greatest challenges in health care facing individuals within your cultural group? 
3. What diseases or illnesses do you believe must be addressed within your cultural group? 
4. Why do you believe these health risks/challenges are more prevalent within your cultural community? 
5. What recommendations would you make to health care professionals working to improve health outcomes within your cultural community? 
6. What recommendation would you make to health care providers (e.g. doctors nurses, etc) that may improve health outcomes within your cultural community? 
I recommend you interview someone who is willing to discuss cultural health issues with you and if possible, someone you know. Once the interviews are completed, you will create a narrative that highlights basic themes discussed within the interviews and your overall experience with completing the assignment. I highly recommend that you conduct these interviews with people face-to-face, however if necessary you may use a telephone interview. Take good notes for future reference when writing your paper. 
The interview experience is based on personal experience. Therefore, this paper will be subjective in nature. The paper should be in accordance with the latest version of the APA manual and should be typed using Arial or Times Roman 12 point font. The paper should also be double-spaced and be at least 4 pages long. The document should also be saved as -Last name_First initial_ Interview Experience.-

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