What part of the of the product is managed and produced by salesforce or what is outsourced

Final Accounting Project

The accounting project requires to chronologically address the following topics on a selected company. (North-American company preferably)

• How the company is getting its finances, that is, Investments.

  • Word span: Upto 3500 words (excluding cover page, table of contents, references). APA format.
  • NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. Please include Turnitin report along with the answer.
  • Please use graphs, charts, diagrams.
  • All the content needs to be quality, in business level english, readable and meaningful.

The Project document should contain: 1. Cover page 2. Table of contents 4. Body 5. Appendix 6. References.


Section1: Introduction about the company, Public or Private, if public then share price of the company. (Following questions are written keeping in mind “Salesforce” as a company. You make the project for the same company or if you have more and better data for other company, that will work too.)

Section2: Financial analysis

Financial statements, ie, Balance sheet, Income statement. (Add real relevant documents of the company). Company’s financial ratios.

Cost analysis

Cost of making products, Manufacturing cost, Reduction of cost, budgeting of the company and how are the meeting the budget.

Section3: Managerial Accounting

► Operations Process

► Supply of the Product and CRS management and spending.

► What part of the of the product is managed and produced by salesforce or what is outsourced.

► How they handle cost and how they meet the budget

► The company’s turnover rate and other ratio.

► Company analysed from Financial and Non-financial point of view.

► How company retain employees, balance scorecard, employee motivation methods, quality management/standards, How customers are satisfied.

Section4: Forecast of sales

► Forecast report

► Quality standards, customer satisfaction, Inventory and holding Inventory if any.

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